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working on behalf of bob dole, spoke lovingly on his behalf. i have not seen a male spouse the caliber of the women we have had. i think it is fair to say bill clinton was hillary clinton's best ally and worst detractor when she ran for president and bob dole also had trouble with the surrogate role. the spouse of a woman running for president be described as needing to be a benefactor spouse, someone who is quiet enough in the background, not making any gaffes in the press and yet supportive of the spouse. we haven't seen it yet. >> in defense of those men, the role hasn't been defined. it is not that they are messing up necessarily. they don't know what the role of male political spouse is. >> two women who were very prominent, hillary clinton and elizabeth dole, their spouses are very prominent politicals in their own way. they want to get in and say something in their lives as well. >> interesting discussion. we talked at the outset that you wrote about nine different women and how you selected them. are selected four that i want the three review spend time developing your thoughts
. she crisscrossed the country work on behalf of bob dole. she spoke so lovingly and engaging and convincingly on his behalf. i have not seen a male spouse at the caliber of the women we have had, and i think it's fair to say bill clinton was both hillary clinton's best ally and worst detractor when she ran for president. .. they don't know what the role of male is. >> two women that have been very prominent, hillary clinton and elizabeth dole, they are very prominent, politicals. they want to get in there and say some days as well. >> that's very interesting discussion. we talked at the outset that she wrote about nine different women and how you select to them. i selected for that i actually want the three of you to spend a little bit of time developing your thoughts on them. three of them have kind of a direct relationship to the dole institute in kansas and one of them is just the most prominent united states senator. each of you kind of took a lead on these chapters, said the procedure laid down individual person could kind of start, but then the other two could kind of j
being shelled out by freshman congressman bob dole both polls are saying it is a man's race. newspapers call brad schneider's attacks laughable in the season of attack ads the race is near the top. but for all of the attacks these rivals have at least one common message. jobs in the economy, jobs in the economy. republican incumbent congressman bob dole and democratic challenger brad schneider. he is in line with the tea party dole is a self-proclaimed moderate and says it is simply not true basically said it is laughable and is blatantly trying to mislead my record and mislead voters about my record he points to dole's congressional record. these are real issues that affect people every day. they appreciate what i am doing reaching across the aisle and being ranked as one of the most independent bipartisan voters of the united states congress a fiscal conservative, a social moderate and strong on national security. he says his mission is still more in line with the newly drawn 10th district. i knew it was going to be a high- profile race i knew it was going to be a race where it was g
that was on the stage in 1996 with president bill clinton and senator bob dole. they are the ones that came off the stage and we interviewed them in a focus group to see whether this was a good idea, to have a town hall. and we will talk about that format because it is the next format. but i want to make it important point first -- an important point first appeared about 65% to 70% of us get our information from visuals. they might come over the internet or from traditional television, or youtube. but visuals are what convince us one way or another that a person is telling the truth or whether we like that person, or even the color of their tie. they will go forward into the war room and they will go before the camera and check out how looks. will this one work? how about this one tonight? how was that one? it is important that we not be cynical about the process, but described it. it is not what they look like, is it? it is what is in their heads and hearts. let me put these ties right here. i do not want to lose them. here is the conundrum. by the way, older people -- there are no older peopl
, the candidates wanted to keep him out. bob dole was desperate to keep him out of the debate because he thought that ross perot would take votes away from him. bill clinton did not want anyone to watch the debates. he wanted a non event. bill clinton of the two -- agreed to include ross perot on the condition that one of the debates was canceled, and the other was scheduled opposite the world series of baseball, and there were no follow-up questions. that is what the american people got. exactly as president clinton wanted, by design, the lowest debate audience in history. who took the heat? not the candidates. the polls after the debate showed 50% of the public blamed the commission. only 13% blamed president clinton, 5% blame the bob dole. the role that the commission played along the candidates to engage in anti-democratic manipulations behind closed doors without having to pay a political process. if bob dole and bill clinton can look at the camera and say we are going to keep out a candidate that you want to see, they would have never had the courage to do so. it would have been forced to
interface the regrets that she and bob dole have never had a child. she said we've never had children. i really can't answer that. it was really an abstract question. the next day the media said she's not ready for the campaign trail because she's not talking like a candidate. she's talking in this personal way. and all of a sudden in three weeks it just kind of folded. i think michael dukakis problem in terms of presidential debates when he was asked about what he would do if his wife is and he gave a lawyerly kind of answer, a defense of his opposition to capital punishment. on the sudden, does this guy have a human tide at all? so it's those things that we kind of see in the capabilities or the character of the individual. i think al gore was irked over the years, not because of one event, but because of his being pointed out as a serial exaggerator. any one of those stories coming you could explain away he'd never invented the internet. he said he helped create the internet. we have the perception of him being a laboratory, sitting on the computer. i mean, he was very important in te
than he was comfortable with. i'm not talking mccain. i'm talking about bob dole. i see more and more comparisons between bob dole and mitt romney running against an incumbent president. back in '96 soft money was the big concern about influence being molded by big bucks in the campaign. now in the era of citizens united that, seems kind of quaint. it reminds me a lot of bob dole. seeing governor romney tack so far to the right against gingrich and santorum to get the nomination, to steam roll them and when eric fehrnstrom made the etch-a-sketch comment on cnn, he was widely mocked. that's why we saw mitt romney stay to the right longer than expected because he didn't want to be seen as an etch-a-sketch. but now that we're out of the convention time, mitt's pretty much doing anything he can to appeal to as many voters as possible. does he run the risk of alienating the base even more? >> i think he does. and i think one of the things that we've seen is people haven't gotten excited about him. still. you know.
and the district of columbia. he was beloved by republicans including his lifelong friend senator bob dole. dole wrote in the washington post, in the recent years george and i had several occasions to get together and reflect on our lives, our political careers and our respective presidential campaigns. no matter how many times we replayed it, he never defeated president nixon. the greatest of life's blessings can't be counted in electoral votes. america and the world are better because of him. that's from bob dole in the washington post. george mcgovern was 90 years old. >>> still ahead this morning, when we return to boca raton, redskins rookie quarterback robert griffin iii again showing he's the real deal giving the skins the late lead but he gave eli a little time. too much? we'll see the highlights from all the weekend's tight games. plus, snl relives last week's presidential debate. a cameo appearance from one of hollywood's biggest stars. that and more when we come back to rack in boca raton. >>> the shaw's charter jet arrived in new york's la gard yeah jet. he was taken to new york's ho
helped to found the food stamps, or at least expand it, at least, with the help of bob dole. >> exactly, with bob dole, this goes back to the late '60s and '70s, a film that they actually saw, hunger, that quite frankly embarrassed a lot of people and opened their eyes through some of the issues that were going on. and very quickly, they reached across the aisle and got together the modern food safety net. so again, i don't think this is partisan at all. we fixed hunger back in the early '70s, it almost didn't exist, we could do it again. this is not an issue like global warming that is so difficult to figure out. a lot of people know how to fix this, we need to pay attention to it. we can definitely fix hunger in this country. >> i can't tell you enough, as a doctor and parent, it affects us all. >> thank you, i appreciate it, good talking to you. >> a 22-year-old college senior, paul headings, has spent years trying to put his life back together. at 17, he dreamed to be a baseball player. instead, he had a difficult medical condition about to change his life forever. but he refused to
stamps or expanded at least with the help of bob dole -- >> exactly. exactly. with bob dole. you know, this goes back to late '60s, early '70s, a film that they saw called "hunger in america." that, quite frankly, embarrassed a lot of people and opened a lot of people's eyes to some of the issues that were going on. and very quickly, they reached across the aisle and got together and created the modern food safety net. again, i don't think this is partisan at all. we fixed hunger. back in the -- in the early '70s. almost nonexistence. you know, we could do it again. this isn't the issue like global warming that is -- is so difficult to figure out. a lot of people know how to fix this. we need to pay attention to. we can definitely fix hunger in this country. >> yeah. as a parent, as a doctor, it makes a lot of sense. and i appreciate you sharing some of this with us. we're certainly going to send people to the web site, as well, tom. thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate. it good talking to you. >>> 22-year-old college center paul headings has spent the last five years tr
, but his legacy, he joined with bob dole on food issues and bob dole wrote a really beautiful tribute to mcgovern. these two men really got along and mcgovern was never bitter about the defeat that he suffered, much of it because of the dirty tricks on the part of richard nixon. and he had every right to say i told you so but he never did. >> wait a minute, he worked for richard nixon and so did i. >> right and you worked it make sure mcgovern didn't get a fair shake. >> i didn't do anything like that. i know some people. >> some other people might have. >> john the dirty tricks frankly the things were done to knock off all the competitors to senator mcgovern. >> senator, you take a look at some of his rhetoric back in '72, i'll crawl on my knees, turned off an enormous number in the country. but he was basically a good man. he was a bomber pilot in world war ii. he hated war and i do think his leadership was something like gold water's. he was the representative of a movement culturally and socially that has come to dominate american culture now, even though its time had not yet come in 19
. >> reporter: this boeing 727, which once carried bob dole during his presidential campaign is now speeding towards the mexican desert, controlled in its final seconds on remote from a chase plane flying nearby. >> adios, big flo. >> reporter: left behind more than $500,000 of crash test dummies and passengers, 38 specialized high-speed cameras and sensors imbedded in the frame. if there was a pilot on board this is when you would hear three crucial words "brace for impact." the huge jetliner careens into the ground, a horrific, yet survivable krach that tears the plane apart. this stunning, made-to-order crash was done for the discovery channel show "curiosity: plane crash" after four years of planning and with a huge team of experts. >> red fire rescue rolling to impact. >> reporter: all to better understand what really happens to people on board. >> typical unbelted occupant? >> torso flies under the seat. >> ankle right up against the foot rest, would see maybe a broken average >> holly: >> reporter: despite the horror of the images, statistics show plane crashes are often survivable. b
clinton and bob dole in 1996 with 36.3 million viewers. as president obama and mitt romney went head-to-head explaining their tax plans, there was one name that came up in both of their answers. >> governor romney says the top 3% are the job creators burdened. under gov romney's definitions, there are a bunch of millionaires and bill nars. donald trump is a small business, i know he doesn't like to think he's small anything but that's how you define small business. >> the reality is, it's not just donald trump you are taxing. it's all the businesses that employ one quarter of workers in america, the small businesses taxed as individuals. >> you are surprised to know mr. trump reacted on twitter. he said as a big job creator, i was greatly honored to have been mentioned twice during the debate. donald trump. >>> let's turn to another political debate. jon stewart v. bill o riley. he called in stephven colbert. he was brought in by two shirtless handlers to get him ready for the showdown. >> jon, you are in worse shape than i thought. i have to take it to another level. full emersion.
, bob dole, they were not debaters. the republicans finally have someone on the state that could take it to a democratic challenger. >> colby? >> the prospect of hanging focuses the mind. did run the credit for this. he is a fighter. he came out of south carolina behind. he pulled together, took on new toingrich, and inhe same thing to him as a bid to obama. he was well prepared. he was confident. he showed that he could go toe to toe with the president, looking in the eye, and not be condescending or patronizing. in town with obama the whether obama should have dealt with him. it was one of the mono and obama fell short. >> the result is historical unique. in the 50 years of presidential debates, and nothing there has ever been a debate where there was such a decisive win in an absence of gaff. if you have something like four with eastern europe, or others along the way, it is decisive. it is usually a muddled outcome, or just one bad moment, like i knew jack kennedy. there was not a sound bite in this. one other point, the moderator. i know jim lehrer has taken a lot of abuse becau
. here's how bill clinton pulled it off with a gentle dismissal of bob dole in their town hall-style debate back in 1996. >> i think wisdom comes from age, experience and intelligence. and if you have some of each -- and i have some of each age, some experience, some intelligence. >> i can tell you that i don't think he's too old to be president. it's the age of his ideas that i question. >> that's letting him down easy, isn't it? the question, is his challenger is right there with him some terms of the polling. he has to be perhaps a little more forceful, how does he put it together? >> he's got to find that place. they've been struggling in terms of trying to find -- they made it through the crucial decision back in the spring, which was to paint romney not as a flip-flopper, but to paints him as a right-wing extremist. and that worked for them from the spring through the summer all the way through september. romney helped them. he gave them a lot of ammunition, said a lot of silly things and now he's done the etch-a-sketch moment in that debate. that's what happened there, a
a program with former republican presidential nominee bob dole in 2002 to provide education and food to poor children, in the u.s. and around the world. >> there is one problem that i am convinced we can lick, absolutely, and that's world hunger. >> reporter: mcgovern was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 2000, and the world food prize in 2008. he stayed active until the end, backing then senator obama in the 2008 election. >> so let's seize that opportunity and vote to barack obama for a more hopeful world. >> and skydiving in 2010, celebrating his 88th birthday. >> how do you feel. >> i feel great. >> reporter: a prolific author, mcgovern wrote eight books including most recently what it means to be a democrat. almost no one knew better. bob orr, cbs news, washington. >> jeff: next america's 11 years in afghanistan. a report by david martin. >> jeff: after weeks of rumors that he was on death's door former cuban president fidel castro appeared in a photograph that was shown to journalists in havana today by a visiting venezuelan politician. he said castro, quote, had the court s
how many years. george w. bush, john mccain, and bob dole, they could not debate. republicans finally have someone on stage that could take it to the democrats. >> focusing the mind. >> it is the prospect of hanging that focuses the mind. >> either way, you are dead. >> give romney credit for this. he is a fighter. he came out and was behind in south carolina. he pulled together in florida. he took on newt gingrich. he did the same thing to him what he did to obama. he was well prepared. he was confident. he showed that he could go toe to toe with the president, looking in the eye, and not be condescending or patronizing. he dealt with obama the way that obama should i dealt with him. >> in the 50 years of presidential debates, i do not think there has been a debate in which there was such a decisive win in the absence of a gaffe. if you have one like the one with ford in eastern europe, others along the way, it is decisive. it is usually a muddled outcome, or one of the bad moments, like, i knew jack kennedy, you're no jack kennedy. but there was no sound bite in this. one other poin
president is that now not as young man from arkansas, bill clinton, and his challenger that year is bob dole. did bob dole really beat incumbent bill clinton in their first debate? actually, no. this is the exception. bill clinton won that first debate. here's what the headlines looked like the next day. president proves unflappable facing dole barbs. so the fifth time that we did this as a country, new result. the incumbent president did clearly defeat his challenger in their first debate. first time that ever happened in the country. that moves the tally for incumbent presidents trying to win first debates against their challenger to 1-4. so next one, 2004. george w. bush is the incumbent president. his challenger is this guy, massachusetts senator john kerry. remember at the democratic convention this year when john kerry gave the bang-up speech about mitt romney learning everything he knew about russia by watching rocky 4, and his overseas trip actually being a blooper reel and all that stuff? this this great barn burner of a very funny speech by john kerry. everybody said, afterwards, w
of the ticket in this case. >> in terms of the soothing, dana, bob dole was very soothing to mr. romney or he wrote over this weekend an op ed piece that i'm sure was intended to be soothing. i certainly wouldn't have liked it if i was the nominee. but his intent, i'm sure, was to be soothing because he wrote no one aspires to be defeated -- a defeated presidential candidate. but then he went on further and he argued that there is light at the end of the tunnel for dole that was an improbable career, pitching visa, duncan donuts and viagra. and he goes on to say, the greatest of life blessings cannot be counted in electoral votes. so he's telling mr. romney, i assume, don't worry about it. you can do what i did and i guess that's soothing. >> it's soothing in a many of speaking but there's a crucial different here and that is that bob dole in 1996 fought the good fight. but, look, the economy by then was booming. nobody really gave him a chance of winning. what is happening here is you have romney losing a race that everybody thought he was perfectly capable of winning. so if that is indeed w
that perhaps this candidacy was doomed they would have done a bob dole 1996 strategy and doubled down on races in the house and senate and put resources there. romney on the uptick they won't do that. they think there's going to be a lot of enthusiasm for their candidates and they're not worried. will there be a measurable impact? you'll see it in the senate races in the democratic leaning states that were redistricted in democrats' favor like illinois and new york but enough of a wave election to switch the house, probably not. >> steve kornacki, there's a lot to talk about in terms of some of these tight senate races. the brown/warren one i love talking massachusetts politics. >> so do i. >> the latest wbur poll has warren behind scott brown by three points. other polls have elizabeth warren leading. a third debate tonight. this has been an interesting race to watch. your assessment of it? >> i think what's happened is the polling, over the summer, there's scant polling that was out there put brown ahead. then the democratic convention in charlotte which ener in dized the democrats and that'
conversation yesterday with former senator bob dole who of course both of us know. bob dole said he expects joe biden to come out swinging and not to let up. and in this race -- a race this close, this might even make a difference, not a whole lot but enough to measure. larry? >> john harwood, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> mitt romney's taken his post-debate momentum straight on to team obama turf. this is interesting. obama's lost his hold on florida, virginia and ohio. those number have now gone to romney. romney has now gone behind enemy lines to challenge in michigan and pennsylvania. that's also new. all this comes as the romney rally continues in the latest polls. rasmussen has romney up by one. investors business daily has romney leading obama by five, 49-44. there's the daily tracking poll. with tomorrow night's debate, won't the inevitable paul ryan victory just send team obama over the edge into the looney bin? well, that's kind of the way i see it. but there may be some disagreement. we have karen finney, columnest for "the hill." and kate obenshane. ms. finney, this is
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been speaker and bob dole senate majority leader, i would have been able to work out a deal on the deficit and the debt. >> schieffer: true? >> i think it would depend a lot on obama. the big difference was we closed the government twice. we had a running fight with clinton. he reached a conclusion that he as well as we had to find a common ground. and as a result, it was a much harder, complex struggle than that. buttening whoever is elected-- but i think whoever is elected president better start literally the next day call the other party, and not just theleadersht partisan part, but every member of the other party and saying, "okay, we have four years of living together. what are we going to do for america together?" >> and that means compromise. >> there's the magic word. >> and this is the joe biden approach on behalf of obama when they have actually worked out some deals with congress, biden goes to the republicans and says, "okay, let's do it the old way. one for you, one for me; not just drawing the line, saying you've got to do it my way. >> i think you get koms pro
- in the romney campaign. and they gave $150,000 illegally to bob dole. he got caught, he had to give it back. but then they gave $100,000 to create the democratic leadership council, which is the vehicle that this guy from arkansas rode right into the white house. > > very quickly, why aren't media reporters like you digging these facts up? > > i think they don't have my hat, and even more important is that they don't have the producers that do the old style investigative reporting. i work for bbc. i'm on the top of the nightly news there, the front page of the big paper the guardian. people really don't want to know in america that their elections have been bought up. the subtitle of "billionaires & ballot bandits" is "how to steal an election in 9 easy steps," and, frankly, they don't want to hear that one of the things these guys buy is making sure your ballot doesn't get counted. > > greg palast, thank you so much. > > you're very welcome. thank you bill. you can find more of that fascinating interview on our website at still ahead, a popular small business pro wil
it will be fun to watch. >> john: i had a soft spot in my heart ever since cnn inturned her on the bob dole campaign. she united the obama and romney campaigns earlier this week. he is said i at no, ma'am a fly on the wall. i'm going to react organically to what is happening. and later she told cnn, once the tone is get by a questioner there is time for me to say wait a second what about x, and z? both sides expressed concerns about how the moderator has described her role. if candy crowley makes it about herself, there are no repercussions for cnn. >> jennifer: no. and she should do what she wants. my guess is the people are not going to be involved in the little tiny stories we follow all the time for example, the "washington post" today gave four pinocchio's to mitt romney's jobs plan. and i'm sure the president or candy crowley will say mr. romney what about the fact that your 12 million job claim has been ruled to be a complete lie? >> eliot: it is only the follow up question that actually pierces the talking point. until you can be confronted it is like cross ex
in the effort to feed the world, often working with bob dole, two men from farm states but pulled apart politically, working on the same cause. >> don't send them into needless war. >> he railed against the iraq war and called for the impeachment of both bush and cheney. his daughter terry and son steve both dies of alcohol ifl. mcgovern lost his wife years ago and his own health started to fail soon afterwards. it took him 50 years to talk about what he did in the war long ago, his political scars, he took to his grave, he once said hel couldn't be any worse than the skies he piloted through in europe. >> we do love this country and we will continue to beckon it to a higher standard. >> brian williams on the life of george mcgovern, that's our broadcast from tampa, good night, everyone.
with statesman bob dole, with whom he formed a deep friendship, and with a conservative commentator, with -- william buckley -- with whom he delighted in debating the issues of the 1990's, whether they were in public, nationally televised, or over a drink. as they travel together debating their opposing views on college campuses. in one of our last conversations, we talked about today's leaders who forgot to often the importance of respect, corporation, and compromise for the survival of democracy. with all of these accomplishments, perhaps his greatest is his marriage. i will never forget the opening of the library, which eleanor was too sick to attend. he touched a statue of her with him as they sit together throughout their lives. we can rejoice today thatthey are now reunited and with two other children, they lived a life that a great methodist leader admonished him, when he said, do all the good you can. by all means you can. and all the ways you can. in all the places you can. at all the times you can. to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. i now have the honor to
it every race since clinton defeated bob dole in a 1996. >> we will know in two weeks. here's what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has the latest. >> tonight, hundreds of tsa workers have been fired for stealing from passengers' luggage. we will talk about where dulles lands on the list. still, they say they don't believe it is a widespread problem. >> we will check back with you in a bit. >> if you are looking for a way to hit the reset button on your life tomorrow's episode of "katie" is for you. >> whether you are looking for a new career or want to pursue a longtime dream, we have a the way to follow your passion. >> first, we have beautiful weather. we are all celebrating these summer like temperatures. >> 76 degrees outside the studios in arlington. a very pleasant night. we're looking at one of our weather but the camera's right now. little soccer action on the field. the rain, we saw little bit this morning. nothing more than a few clouds and we have one day left with a very warm temperatures. 73 in fredericks and -- in frederick and gaithers
, children today in the world living and have better lives because of what george and bob dole did together. [applause] >> on the surface, george mcgovern and i should be part senator dole said. he is a liberal democrat i am a republican of the conservative stripe. he ran for president when i was chairman of the party. i suspect our voting records are diametrically opposed. yet in the most important ways, he said, i regard george as a close friend and kindred spirit. he is a decent man who puts principal above expediency. another man who served with him in the 60s and with a close friend, simply said george mcgovern is the most decent man in the united states senate. [applause] that was robert kennedy who spoke two months before he was killed. it is well known among his friends that george loved to drive. last night mathew spoke so powerfully and eloquently about his experiences with his grandfather including a drive to mitchell. jim told me this great story about traveling from florida to south dakota through wisconsin last summer with goerge over nine days.
ask you one question. the last time we had an i incumbent candidate that was challenged, ignoring bob dole's attempt to bring it on kind of. listen to this in their debate. >> mr. president, what do you say to senator dole's point that this election is about keeping one's word? >> when i ran for president, i said we could cut the deficit in half and we cut it by 60%. i said our economic plan would produce 8 minullion jobs and we created 10 million jobs. >> i can only tell thaw i don't think senator dole is too old to be president. it's the age of his idea that i question. >> abby, if the president ignores him and goes as clinton did in '96, does that neutralize what you think is a good debater in mr. romney? >> that's exactly what mr. obama has to do. he has to remain calm and look like he is the commander in chief that he is for the united states and if he can -- if obama can be just who he is, there's no way that romney can get the narrative that he actually wants. but if obama can be himself, then i think that he will be just fine. >> abby, neera, thanks for your time and i think y
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